La Oficina is a cultural resource management agency created in 2013 by Maximiano Atria and Anne-Laure Guillet, in Santiago de Chile.

It aims at creating, producing and circulating projects in various cultural areas (architecture, heritage, fine arts, audiovisual) and various formats (printed and web editions, exhibitions, events), with a special focus on public service.

In September 2016 La Oficina won the tender for restructuring Santiago’s subway webpage on architectural heritage and cultural calendar around each station along the subway grid.

  1. e.   info[at]

a.    Dr Sótero del Río 475 of. 303
      8340334 Santiago

  1. t.   +56 2 2699 4966

If you are studying cultural resource management, architecture or design, and wishing to join us for an internship,  please email us your resume.

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